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Change Log

3.0.5 [05-05-2024]


  • FixedDoes not select mobile camera on basic settings.
  • FixedCustomer postal code does not show on WooCommerce.
  • FixedTax Calculation issue when it's inclusive tax.
  • FixedCustomized price hover issue.
  • FixedRegular price does not show when the product has a sale price.


  • AddedComplete, Pending payment, Order processing, and order hold status options.
  • AddedLogo and shop name on barcode generate module.
  • AddedAll outlet product stocks on the stock module.

3.0.4 [5th April 2024]


  • FixedWooCommerce Single Stock for variation product.
  • Fixed0 in stock issue on online.
  • FixedFrom customization updated.
  • FixedDate format issue on order module.


  • AddedSwipe machine settings added on admin panel, Last 4 digit can be required.

3.0.3 [3rd March 2024]


  • FixedDisplay product on POS grocery mode


  • AddedClear cache option.

3.0.2 [29th February 2024]


  • FixedAdd new item on active order on restaurant traditional mode.
  • FixedCustom date and time in the kitchen module.


  • AddedPrice text size customization in barcode generation.
  • AddedAuto-scroll when a new product is added to the cart.
  • AddedTotal sales of swipe machines and other payment methods to the dashboard.

3.0.1 [28th January 2024]


  • FixedRe-stock when refund from WooCommerce if stock mode is enabled.
  • FixedOut of stock does not show when the stock links with the outlet on online.
  • FixedAdd-on item price calculation on restaurant (pay first).
  • FixedOnline orders do not show on POS when HPOS is enabled on WooCommerce.
  • FixedTake fraction or decimal value on price customization.
  • FixedCard payment issue solved on the dashboard.


  • AddedSingle cash drawer.
  • AddedDiscount single product on the cart.
  • AddedAdd-on on grocery mode.
  • AddedScanner on product module.
  • AddedScanner on stock module.
  • AddedSearch by SKU on the product filter.
  • AddedUse the camera on the large screen and the mobile screen.

3.0.0 [14th January 2024]


  • FixedItem price set 0 if addon item price is 0
  • FixedThe add-on item does not show on the invoice
  • FixedThe add-on item required does not work
  • FixedThe dropdown add-on items selected issue
  • FixedThe taxtbox add-on default value set issue
  • FixedOut of stock on online store
  • FixedQuantity issue on the online store when outlet links with the online store
  • FixedCustomer phone number does not show on WooCommerce Order
  • FixedWaiter panel UI issue
  • FixedOrder note issue on restaurant
  • FixedCustomer added issue on waiter panel
  • FixedCashier discount, fee & customer add issue
  • FixedFilter UI issue
  • FixedProcesse by, order date and customer search issue.
  • FixedParent product show on add stock modal
  • FixedParent product shows on generate barcode
  • FixedRefund list loading issue
  • FixedRefund order show undefined issue
  • FixedTax issue on WooCommerce order
  • FixedTax status on product module
  • FixedTax does not show on the invoice when offline mode enable
  • FixedThe table number does not match on waiter panel
  • FixedTable update issue on checkout
  • FixedRemove the cashier panel from the restaurant without the kitchen panel
  • FixedCancel Order does not show on cencel tab on the waiter panel
  • FixedUTC zone issue
  • FixedRole access issue
  • FixedDiscount show coupon on WooCommerce order
  • FixedStripe declined payment issues on the restaurant (traditional)
  • FixedStripe payment shows unknown on WooCommerce order
  • FixedRefund orders show undefined on sale history on pos
  • FixedUpdate print setting
  • FixedOutlet user list does not show
  • FixedOutlet empty field show undefined when update
  • FixedTable module icon


  • AddedItem-wise interaction in restaurant (traditional)
  • AddedItem update or add on active order in restaurant traditional
  • AddedRemove items from order list
  • AddedSync restaurant order list on kitchen and cashier panel
  • AddedTablewise active
  • AddedNew UI on kitchen and cashier panel
  • AddedPrice customization on the cart (Also support on offline mode)
  • AddedSend email to cashier/ Process By
  • AddedRTL support
  • AddedHPOS support
  • AddedRequired field customization
  • AddedInvoice/Order custom field
  • AddedCustomer form customization
  • AddedWithdraw from cash drawer
  • AddedClose any cash drawer
  • AddedCount Product item and Quantity on cart and invoice

2.0.2 [13 June 2023]


  • FixedUpdated stock settings and managements
  • FixedDefault stock management(Woocommerce based)
  • FixedOutlet wise stock management(Non Woocommerce based)
  • FixedDashboard's product list
  • FixedFixed screen view issue
  • FixedFixed online order taxes on receipt.
  • FixedFixed checkout page UI issue on mobile screen.
  • FixedFixed admin panel payment settings UI issue.


  • AddedAdded Order Refund / Return
  • AddedAdded Barcode/QR Code on 0rder invoice/receipt

2.0.1 [21 May 2023 Minor update]


  • FixedFixed search issue
  • FixedUpdate Barcode module
  • FixedFixed Role issue
  • FixedFixed restaurnt order missing issue.


  • AddedAdded favorite icon on product

2.0 [28 April 2023]


  • FixedFixed all issues which has been reported
  • FixedPurchased module updated
  • FixedProduct module updated
  • FixedCashdrawer or Dashboard module updated
  • FixedInvoice Setting updated


  • AddedAdded 3 Types of mode ( Grocery, Restaurant Pay First, Restaurant Traditional)
  • AddedAdded restaurant module
  • AddedAdded kitchen module
  • AddedAdded Waiter module
  • AddedAdded Table Management
  • AddedAdded full stock module , stop selling when product out of stock.
  • AddedAdded stock transfer feature
  • AddedAdded stock receive or deny option.
  • AddedAdded product status option ( Can choose Private, public or both product)
  • AddedAdded Stripe Payment
  • AddedEnable or disable payment gateway panel
  • AddedAdded Custom barcode page generation
  • AddedAdded Multiple Tax Calculation module
  • AddedAdded Multi oultet stock transfer and received feature
  • AddedAdded Product addon for restaurant mode
  • AddedRule based addon
  • AddedAdded messaging or chating between chef, waiter and cashier
  • AddedLink online stock to a outlet
  • AddedSending Customer email with control
  • AddedDisplay separate tax in invoice
  • AddedCustom Field management
  • AddedAnd more

1.3.2 [07th November 2022]


  • FixedFixed product creation category choose issue


  • AddedOnline order change status ACL

1.3.1 [05th November 2022]


  • FixedFixed npsb; issue in checkout page


  • AddedAdded some built-in languages(German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi)

1.3 [02th November 2022]


  • FixedFixed Customer Add Edit Issuu.
  • FixedFixed large logo image issue
  • FixedSome CSS issue fixed


  • AddedCustomer Display
  • AddedDisplay Product Per Row
  • AddedFiltering products by subcategory
  • AddedRole option and copy role permission option
  • AddedRole permission to add discount and fee
  • AddedRole Wise max discount control
  • AddedSet default customer
  • AddedMake favorite your product
  • AddedCash drawer log menu in pos panel
  • AddedLast 7 days' cash drawer logs in user dashboard
  • AddedAdded Thousand Separator
  • AddedSet the new product batch duration
  • AddedOnline(non POS Order) order list
  • AddedAdded Price in Barcode Generator
  • AddedKeyborad control in calculator

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Frequently Asked

What is the best way to find out more about vitepos?

What if I am not satisfied with my service?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We aim to provide you with a pleasant customer service experience. We offer a one-month risk-free service. You can claim the refund within one month if you think this is not for you.

I have an online store but I want to see online orders in VitePOS?

Yes, you can see all online orders, and also you can change the order status from VitePOS.

Is that mobile responsive?

Vitepos is a very mobile responsive and UI-friendly plugin. You can easily use it as a mobile app in your mobile browser. 

Have role management?

It has the full set of access control. You can control any single operation using the role access panel.

Have customer view display?

You can view a display for your customer. For that, your customer can see which product he/she buys and how much money he/she has to pay.

Vitepos has multiple outlet system?

Yes, you can easily manage the multi outlets and can track them easily.

Is that support bracode scanner in mobile view?

Vitepos provide you with a fast responsive and effective product barcode scanner. Easily you can scan your product with the scanner. When you are on mobile, you don’t need a barcode scanner. Easily you can scan the barcode using your mobile camera.