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Quick Install

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POS Module

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order details
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Order Details

manage product
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Manage Products

barcode generator
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Barcode Generator

manage customer
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Manage Customer

manage stock
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Manage Stock

product purchase
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Product Purchase

manage vendor
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Manage Vendor

manage user or staff
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Manage User or Staff

keyboard shortcuts
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Keyboard Shortcuts

admin dashboard
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Admin Dashboard

role access
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Role Access

outlet module
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Outlet Module

admin setting
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Admin Setting

admin setting
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Set User in Outlet

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Set Tax Based on Outlet

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Silent Print

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Create Desktop App

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What is New in Version 1.3

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Translate by Loco Translator

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There are no long-term contracts or surprises, So install and  start selling in minute.

vitepos features
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Frequently Asked

What is the best way to find out more about vitepos?

What if I am not satisfied with my service?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We aim to provide you with a pleasant customer service experience. We offer a one-month risk-free service. You can claim the refund within one month if you think this is not for you.

I have an online store but I want to see online orders in VitePOS?

Yes, you can see all online orders, and also you can change the order status from VitePOS.

Is that mobile responsive?

Vitepos is a very mobile responsive and UI-friendly plugin. You can easily use it as a mobile app in your mobile browser. 

Have role management?

It has the full set of access control. You can control any single operation using the role access panel

Have customer view display?

You can view a display for your customer. For that, your customer can see which product he/she buys and how much money he/she has to pay.

Vitepos has multiple outlet system?

Yes, you can easily manage the multi outlets and can track them easily.

Is that support bracode scanner in mobile view?

Vitepos provide you with a fast responsive and effective product barcode scanner. Easily you can scan your product with the scanner. When you are on mobile, you don’t need a barcode scanner. Easily you can scan the barcode using your mobile camera.