Plugins for WooCommerce Store

5 Must-Have Plugins for WooCommerce Store to Super charge

Are you looking for the best Plugins for WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce is the main plugin  for creating an online store with WordPress. But sometimes, it doesn’t have all the features you need for your unique business.

That’s why we need some extra Plugins for WooCommerce Store also need extensions or software. There are many powerful plugins and extensions available to add useful features to your WooCommerce store and help increase your sales.

Here are the 5 best WooCommerce plugins , extensions, and software:

Why need extra Plugins for WooCommerce Store?

Extra Plugins for WooCommerce Store are needed to enhance its functionality and features beyond what the basic setup offers. Here’s why they’re important:

1. Customization:

Extra Plugins for WooCommerce Store allow you to customize your store to meet specific needs, such as adding new features, optimizing performance, or improving the user experience.

2. Extended Functionality:

Extra Plugins for WooCommerce Store provide additional functions and tools that aren’t available in the default WooCommerce setup, enabling you to expand your store’s capabilities and offer more to your customers.

3. Improved Efficiency:

Plugins for WooCommerce Store can automate tasks, streamline processes, and save time, making it easier to manage your store and run your business more efficiently.

4. Enhanced Marketing:

Many Plugins for WooCommerce Store offer features for marketing and promotion, such as SEO optimization, email marketing integration, social media sharing, and customer engagement tools, helping you attract more visitors and convert them into customers.

5. Stay Competitive:

Using extra Plugins for WooCommerce Store  allows you to stay competitive in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape by keeping up with industry trends, meeting customer expectations, and offering a superior shopping experience.

Vitepos is a super-fast and dependable plugin for point of sale (POS) systems. It works well on all devices – mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and large screens. It’s made with the latest technology and follows WooCommerce’s coding standards.


With Vitepos, you can customize roles like cashiers and managers and set permissions for each role. You can manage outlets and counters, enable offline mode, and hold carts. Creating products is easy with its user-friendly interface.


Tax calculation is based on the outlet’s location, and it includes vendor and purchase modules. You can design your invoices the way you like. You can use the default WordPress login or Vitepos’s built-in login form. Plus, you can embed the POS into any WordPress page, so it’s not open to the public.


You can use any barcode device with Vitepos. If you’re using a mobile device, you don’t even need a barcode reader – you can use the mobile camera to scan barcodes. It also manages cash drawers.

Vitepos Features


  • Customer Management

    – Easily manage all customer details.
    – Add or search customers from the cart or checkout panel.
    – Supports all checkout options.

  •  Based on REST API

    – Vitepos works quickly as a single-page application.
    – Unique search option for finding products and customers fast.

  • Quick Add Products

    – Add new products with variations to the POS quickly.
    – Easily manage product properties.

  • Barcode Scan & Search

    – Scan barcodes using your mobile camera or a barcode scanner.
    – Search for products using the scanner or manual search.

  •  Dynamically Inventory Update

    – POS checks inventory at key stages to prevent overselling.
    – Ensures items are in stock during simultaneous shopping.

  • No Expensive Hardware

    – Operate Vitepos on your current devices.
    – Works on any computer browser or mobile device.

  • Print Receipts & Invoices

    – Automatic & manual printing in branded receipt format.
    – Setup multiple print stations for advanced options.

  • Order Notes & Discounts

    – Cashiers can apply discounts or fees easily.
    – Add order notes about the order during checkout.

  • Outlet & Counter Management

    – Manage unlimited outlets & counters.
    – Assign different cashiers/agents to each or manage them together.

  • Customer Queuing System

    – Send cart details on hold if customers take time to make payments.
    – Prevents data loss and keeps the queue organized.

  •  Secured ACL – Access Control Level

    – Share user access levels securely.
    – Ensure only authorized users access sensitive data.

  •  Monthly Account Data

    – Monitor product counts and expenses monthly.
    – Understand your store’s performance easily.

  • User Management

    – Add & edit users with specific roles (e.g., Cashier, Manager, Store-Keeper).

  •  Offline Data Store

    – Store data locally and run without internet connection.
    – Automatically sync data to the cloud when the internet returns.

  •  Easy UI & UX

    – Elegant and user-friendly material design interface.
    – Data syncing happens quickly and seamlessly.

  • Vendor Management

    – Manage vendors when adding stock.

  •  Cash Drawer Management

    – View current cash drawer balance information.
    – Close the cash drawer if needed.

  •  Barcode Generation

    – Generate and print barcodes from the barcode module.

  • Shortcuts

    – Use shortcuts to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Tax Calculation

    – Add tax based on outlet location.
    – Simplifies tax management for orders.

  • Any Language Support

    – Supports any languages.
    – Use loco translator for plugin translation.

  •  Pro Features (additional)

    – Split Payment: Pay with cash, card, or other methods simultaneously.
    – Color Skin: Choose from multiple colors for Vitepos.
    – Offline Order: Process orders even when the network is disconnected.

There are more feature of Vitepos to see them visit on the link:

See Pricing Table on this link:

Mini Cart Drawer adds a nice mini cart to your WooCommerce site, and you can set it up however you like. It has an easy-to-use control panel and you can also use the WP Customizer to configure it. It also includes a sales booster module. You can encourage customers to buy more by offering dynamic discounts, such as “spend $20 more and get a $2 discount.”

Key Features

– Display a stylish mini cart on your WooCommerce site.
– Show tax information and coupons in the mini cart.
– Choose your preferred color for the mini cart.
– Easy-to-use control panel.
– Configure it using the Live Customize.

– Customize the mini cart icon and content.
– Offer dynamic discounts to customers.
– Add multiple discount rules.
– Apply dynamic discounts to shipping as well.

 Who Should Use This Mini Cart Drawer?

Mini Cart Drawer is a WooCommerce plugin that adds a stylish mini cart to your site, giving your buyers a better shopping experience. It can also help boost your sales by offering dynamic discounts. For example, if customers see a message saying “spend $5 more and get a $3 discount,” they’ll be encouraged to buy more products.

  •  Free Version

    – Mini cart drawer with basic configuration
    – Live Customize support

  • Pro Features

    – All free version features
    – Advanced mini cart drawer configuration
    – Coupon input in the mini cart drawer
    – Sales Booster Module (Dynamic Discounts)
    – Premium support

You can see a demo of the mini cart and check the pricing.

Boost Your Business with ELITE NOTIFICATION


If you want to quickly build trust and engage with your clients on your website, ELITE NOTIFICATION is the solution you need. Over 80% of visitors don’t buy because they lack trust and credibility. Elite Notification displays real and authentic pop-up notifications to gain your clients’ trust and attention.


  • Build Instant Trust & Credibility

    When visitors see what others are buying, reading, reviewing, commenting, or donating, they feel more confident and are more likely to buy or donate themselves. This is due to the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect, where people follow trends.
  • Increase Your Leads, Sales & Engagement

    Elite Notification captures visitors’ attention with pop-up sales and real-time engagement notifications. It creates a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to buy your products right away.


Sales Notifications:

Easily design eye-catching sales notifications to boost sales. If you have WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, you can show recent purchase activities to influence visitors.


Display live product sales alerts and customer activities to increase your site’s conversion rates.


  •  Free Version Features

    – Easy to use
    – Lightweight
    – Create unlimited pop-up notifications
    – Responsive design
    – Notification animations
    – Many design templates
    – Position notifications in any corner of the screen
    – Translation ready
    – 24/7/365 support
    – Custom notifications
    – Live active/inactive notification button
    – User-friendly interface
    – Notification statistics dashboard
  • Pro Features

    – Coming soon


  •  Boost Engagement with Simple Notification

Simple Notification makes it easy to keep your visitors engaged by sending them push notifications. This plugin takes just a few minutes to install and is designed to handle high traffic reliably and easily. Simple Notification Bar is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, and driving more clicks to other pages.

Once set up, visitors can opt-in to receive notifications when you publish a new post. They’ll get these notifications after visiting your website, helping to bring them back.

You can customize when notifications are sent, choose custom colors, and adjust the opt-in bar’s color and text. Simple Notification works on every page of your site.

  •  Free Version Features

    – Easy to use
    – Lightweight
    – Create unlimited notification bars
    – Responsive design
    – Bar animations
    – Unlimited colors
    – Fixed or absolute position at the top or bottom of the page
    – Control font size
    – Show on homepage, specific pages, hidden pages, or all pages
    – Translation ready
    – 24/7/365 support
    – Live changes when editing a bar
    – Live active/inactive notification button
    – User-friendly interface
  •  Pro Features

    – Coming soon
  • Boost Your Website’s SEO with All in One SEO

If you want your website to show up in search results, you need to focus on SEO.

All in One SEO is the best WooCommerce plugin for WordPress to help with SEO. This plugin not only optimizes your website but also enhances your WooCommerce store’s SEO.

Using AIOSEO can give your marketing a boost to stay ahead of the competition. With this plugin, you can:

– Easily optimize the SEO title for each product in your store
– Automatically fill in meta descriptions for your product pages
– Fully optimize product images, categories, and tags
– Use a better breadcrumbs feature than the default WooCommerce option

If you want to make the most of your SEO efforts, consider using this powerful WooCommerce SEO plugin.

If you are using E-Commerce Store with WooCommerce then you  must provide support to your customer. For this you can solves your problem that they are facing on your website.


Having a support system on an e-commerce website is essential for several reasons:


1. Help for Customers:

Support is there to assist customers with any questions or problems they have while shopping.

2. Fixing Issues:

It’s important for customers to report any technical problems or errors they encounter during checkout so they can get fixed quickly.

3. Product Questions:

Customers might want to know more about products before buying, so they ask questions through support to get answers.

4. Tracking Orders:

Support helps customers track their orders, so they know where their package is and when it will arrive.

5. Feedback:

Customers can share their thoughts and suggestions about the website or products, helping the company improve.

6. Building Trust: Knowing there’s support available makes customers feel more confident and trusting in the company, which encourages them to come back and buy again.


Final Words

Adding these five important plugins to your WooCommerce store can make it work even better. They help with things like making payments easier, getting more people to visit your site, letting customers personalize products, improving marketing, and managing everything efficiently. With these plugins, you can give your customers a great shopping experience and make your store more successful.


If you know any plugin that can help to grow Online store then please let us know on the comment section.