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Vitepos Lite: what they offer in free version

First, you have to understand why you need a free POS (point of sale) system. Is it because you have a local store and you need just some functionality, or you are confused about which free POS is best for you, or you have an existing one but want to try a new one? This content helps you to know about the free POS Vitepos lite plugin and also tells you what are the requirement to use Vitepos lite.

Teble of content

Here we will know about the free POS plugin called Vitepos lite. Below we give a list of what we will cover in this content:

Vitepos Lite Features

Orders can be processed by an agent or cashier by adding discounts and fees, order notes, adding or searching for customers, and collecting payment. You can simultaneously control counters and outlets with Vitepos lite. You can appoint various cashiers and agents and manage the outlet separately. Vitepos barcode is a new generation of barcode scanner, it is easy to use and it will provide you more benefits than previous scanners. Although there is a wide variety of software available, Vitepos is the most unique. See the reason below:

Easy Setup

Easy to setup with your woocommerce. Add your products and sell them easily. Vitepos make documentation about installing and Activating Vitepos. Also, make a video. Watch the video about quick setup vitepos lite in below:

No Expensive Hardware

To run Vitepos, no expensive hardware is required. Use your current devices to save money! Any computer browser or mobile device can load the Point of sale system.

Multiple Language

VitePos allows you to manage your store using the language of your choice. Furthermore, with LocoTranslate, you can easily translate the plugin into any language. 

Barcode generator with price

VitePOS offers an impressive feature called the Barcode Generator. With it, you can effortlessly create and print barcodes with pricing info if desired for any product. This module makes life a whole lot easier! You also watch the video below:

Customize Invoice or Receipt

With the personalized invoice/receipt creator, you have full control over the design. You can add your company logo and create custom footer messages so you can differentiate yourself from other businesses. It’s a great way to put your best foot forward and make a great first impression with customers.


You can keep track of and organize all of your invoices with point-of-sale software. In a business, managing several types of invoices requires the ability to recognize them quickly. Depending on the software, you can find invoices for purchases, sales, repairs, rentals, consignments, and other things.


For your accounting operations, simple invoice management is crucial. It is evidence that you actually did sell a good or service. The invoice includes crucial details for the customer, like the transaction value, the quantity of products sold, their description, etc.


If this follow-up were carried out manually, it would be difficult. So much so that it is possible to sell much more quickly at the point of sale than it would be possible if everything were done manually.

Quick Payments

Faster payments are made possible by a point of sale. The technology automatically determines the pricing once the staff chooses the items the customer wishes to purchase. The invoice can be delivered via email or immediately printed using a receipt printer.


Customers have the option to pay with cash, a credit card, or a debit card, depending on the terminal and integrations. As a result, completing the transaction for the customer is quick and simple.


The amount of time customers must wait to complete transactions is significantly reduced with a point-of-sale.

Better Security

Data security is crucial for any business. Only the authorized users of the company should have access to your data. Your data is more protected from unauthorized intrusion when using a POS system.


In most systems, user authentication is doubled. As a result, fewer malicious users will access your system. Moreover, the administrator can swiftly permit or deny users access.


Choose a cloud-based point of sale if you want your data to be constantly backed up and safeguarded. With Vitepos, you may regularly and automatically back up your data thanks to our cloud computing service. Also, you may access your data at any time and from anywhere. You may be confident that your data is protected against natural catastrophes like floods and store fires by having it stored in the cloud.

Cash drawer log

A cash drawer log allows you to track information about who opened the drawer, outlet, and counter, the opening and closing cash figures, the closer’s name, their timings, and other relevant details which can also be downloaded.

Customer manage

You can store your clients’ information in your system by using a Point of sale system.


Their name, phone number, purchases, e-mail address, etc. You can have a better understanding of your target market and different client segments by obtaining customer data (for example your new or loyal customers).


To encourage repeat business or foster client loyalty, you might send promos to your customers. You may track each consumer using the technology to provide personalized promos. Making better company decisions is made possible by having an effective customer information management system.

Stock & purchase

It’s crucial to buy equipment for your company. To effectively handle your purchases from suppliers, a Point of sale system is helpful. It enables you to monitor all of your placed orders.


A Point of sale system also enables you to schedule future purchases and determine the bare minimum of goods your store should stock. This enables you to better manage your spending and maintain the ideal stock level in your store to reduce losses. You can store your clients’ information in your system by using a POS system.This offers you command over purchases and makes it possible for you to monitor the goods you order from suppliers. An invoice that details all of your purchases will be given to you when you buy equipment from a provider. This covers the items purchased, their quantities, descriptions, prices, and other details.


A POS system also enables you to schedule future purchases and determine the bare minimum of goods your store should stock. This enables you to better manage your spending and maintain the ideal stock level in your store to reduce losses.

Vendor manage

Vendor management refers to the steps companies take to manage their vendors/suppliers. This can include operations like including or removing providers, monitoring their statuses, and obtaining information about them. It’s an important step for organizations in order to ensure they are doing business with reliable partners.

Staff/User manage

Without concrete data, maximizing employee time might become challenging. It may be simpler to manage your workers and make the best use of their schedules with a Point of sale system.


You may view sales per employee, their hours worked, and sales per time slot using a Point of sale  system like Alice POS. You can determine which employees are working well and which are not using this data, as well as when the store is busiest. Having this knowledge would make it simpler to create schedules, maximize worker time on the floor, and offer ongoing training.


The use of Point of sale software should be taught to your staff through training. While choosing POS software, it’s critical to check whether training is offered. While some businesses provide training for you and your staff, others do not. The Vitepos P Team, for instance, always provides remote training and, in some circumstances, may even provide on-site training.

Access control

It has the capability to grant different levels of access to various users and/or agents, thus providing much better security.

Responsive Any Kind Of Device

No matter the size of your device, this app is fully responsive. You can even use your built-in camera to scan barcodes on tablets and phones.

Tax calculation based on outlet

VitePOS allows you to set taxes based on the location of each outlet, so you don’t have to manually add taxes for each order.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your work faster and more efficient, vitepos should consider adding shortcuts. These will help you breeze through tasks and make sure you don’t waste any time.

Based on REST API

APIs, or application programming interfaces, help applications and devices interact seamlessly with each other by establishing a set of rules. Among them, the most popular are REST APIs which follow the guidelines of representational state transfer architecture.


REST APIs are widely acclaimed for their extreme flexibility. With REST, you can send different types of calls, receive data in multiple formats and even build structures thanks to hypermedia implementation. Moreover, the data isn’t bound to methods or resources like other APIs.


Vitepos is a single-page application that allows you to breeze through every process with ease. One of its standout features is the speedy search option that quickly finds products and customers without problem.

Free Support

There are many POS systems that provide technical help. To keep their POS systems operating at their best, certain vendors offer services to their clients.


Support staff is available to customers of some POS systems. Nonetheless, you need to exercise caution while selecting a service. While many vendors provide technical support, some just provide extremely little assistance. Many questions can be answered by the support staff. These could relate to issues with the software’s functionality, technical issues, fundamental queries regarding the software, etc.

Customers of Vitepos Lite may benefit from bespoke development. A corporation may need this specialized development for particular requirements and functions. By selecting the button below, you can get in touch with one of our specialists to learn more about our features.


Vitepos lite also gives you free support. If you have any problem using Vitepos lite then feel free to ask questions to their support system. They are available to give you support 24/7.

Running the Vitepos requires a minimum set of systems

Memory & Speed is recommended to run Vitepos Lite

A computer with a CPU speed of 1 GHz or more, 2 GB of RAM memory, and 8 GB of hard drive space is required to run a Point of sale system. New stores will benefit greatly from the availability of brand-new laptops with these specifications for as little as $300.

Best browser

The best browsers for running a Point of Sale are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While Firefox has recently received improvements that have made it a privacy powerhouse, Chrome offers dozens of add-on integrations. But the best experience you get on Google Chrome. So, Vitepos recommendation is Google Chrome.

The Printers

It is advised to purchase printer that can also drive cash drawer even though Point of sale system typically functions with any printer that is compatible with the other hardware. But, iPads running Point of Sales appear to 
work well with the EPSON Star printer line. Also if you want then you can use thermal printer.

Cash drawer

Your Point of sale system’s cash drawer is an essential component. The “printer-driven” cash drawer, which is attached to the printer and opens each time a receipt is printed, is your best option. Systems like Erply’s Point of Sale will not function with cash drawers that are directly attached to a CPU.

Barcode scanners

Although while you may operate Point of Sales without a scanner, buying a reliable barcode scanner that can be switched to keyboard mode will make checkouts a snap. Use a Bluetooth-compatible barcode scanner that can switch between the device keyboard and the scanner in the specific situation of iPad POS.

Final Word

There are many free POS plugins on market please or somewhere else. Personally, I try all the free POS plugins but they don’t have those features that provide by Vitepos lite. So try it now. If you get any free POS plugins that offer those features then comment us below.