How to Manage Outlet

Vitepos > Outlet

It is important to have an outlet assigned to a user to operate Vitepos. From the outlet module, you can manage your all outlets and counters. You can get the list of every outlet users and as well as you can add or remove user to an outlet.

Add Outlet Modal

Add outlet based on your outlet address if you have multiple outlet and have multiple tax type then state or zip-code will help you to calculate automatic tax by outlet address. You can toggle the status to active or inactive an outlet.

Select Main Branch & Add Counter

Change your main branch within a click from the list. Click one and you can make the outlet as the main branch. 


Note: You are able to make only one main branch. When you select an outlet as the main branch then others will be inactive.


You can add multiple counter for each outlet and it is very easy to manage. Just click on the list Add Counter button and you will get an option to add a new counter to an outlet.

Assign User to outlet

Manage list of user of an outlet. An easy module to get all the user belongs to the outlet. For assign user to an outlet select user from the dropdown or search the user in dropdown and press button “Add to this outlet” will simply assign the user. Also you can assign outlet to an user from POS Users module.