How to Add Products?

Vitepos > Products

Add a new product from the Products module. You can easily manage your products from this module. It is easy to add a new product, just click the button(Add Product) marked bellow.

After clicking on Add Product button, you will get the products adding layout. You have to fill those fields carefully. Because all the information on this form will be stored in your SHOP.

In WooCommerce you can add products, here you can also add products in a very beautiful way. 

You can add up sales and cross-sales while adding products. Which is very important for a POS. For product dimension and tax, you will get a section below.

For multiple image uploads please click the Feature Image (+) button.

Add Variation Products

The most popular option for this Vitepos is selling Variation Products. Follow, the below image you will get instructions on how to add a variation product. 

From the set attributes option you can set your product variation. Ex. you need to add your product’s brand name or have to use multiple colors to add to the list, then you can set it from this set attribute option.

After adding multiple attributes you have to set their properties. It is easy, fast, and simple.


Now just click on the Save button and your product will be ready for sale.